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We are


Our goal is to provide Conclusive evidence. Conclusive, the total research company, was formed in 1999. We are a small market research agency with an extensive national and international network. We can put together a bespoke specialist team to suit the needs of every individual research question. A tailor-made approach. Full-service without the ‘inertia’ of the bigger companies.


Introducing ourselves! Hans Braal, 57, Wim Koenders, 54. Together we have 60 years’ experience in market research and interim projects. We both come from a marketing background, having made a conscious choice at the very outset of our careers to specialise in market research. For the simple reason that we enjoyed it, and still do. And we are good at it.




We dedicate particular attention to the three key bases that we know are important to you:   
For each research phase we team up with specialist companies that have access to the most advanced research technology.
Working together with you to achieve the best possible result. For instance as input for a questionnaire design.
This can take the form of 1 or 2 individual private consultations with relevant stakeholders at your offices. And/or a single interview with an expert from within your branch.
‘What you see is what you get’. At Conclusive all research is supervised and executed from start to finish by a senior researcher, whereby advice is of paramount importance to us.



Conclusive aims to convince you!

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We offer








We have seen market research evolve: from data processing using punch cards, to electronic reporting tools. From street surveys, via computerised telephone surveys, to a complete range of online market research platforms.


The survey questions, on the other hand, remain basically the same. You can always contact us for:


- Product/Service Assessment
- Sales channel Assessment
- Customer/Employee satisfaction
- Positioning & Image
- Brand recognition
- Pricing










Our specialisms are:

Bystery Shopping

Mystery shopping in the business-to-business sector.

Assessment: How does your sales-force score? How does the complete sales process work?

Negotiation: What is the net pricing of your product in comparison to that of your competitors? How does the quotation system work?

International research

Coordinating international market research is without doubt one of our top pastimes. Many clients have engaged us regularly as research project supervisor. It is then our task to brief each country, to coordinate the fieldwork and, if required, to compile the final report.

Event monitoring

Are you keen to gain direct insight into the attendance and evaluation of your event (congress, exhibition, concert, festival or theme park, you name it)?

Do you want to equip your visitors with practical information? Use our event app! Offered to you in conjunction with 2gather (www.2gather.nl).


Live polling.

Route description.

Crowds meter.


Business-to-business research

Access to specific  btb-targets, both national and international.

Interim projects

We can respond with speed and flexibility to all requests to carry out market research within your organisation, whether this involves instructing others and/or supervising specific elements of your market research project. A few examples:

- Conducting B2B interviews.

- Reports.

- Presentations.

- Coordinating international research.

- Briefing foreign agencies.

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Our client-base

Commercial vehicles

We feel that price studies form an exceptional aspect of the commercial vehicles branch. What are the net prices quoted to fleet owners and haulage companies by your own dealers and by those of your competitors? Not only the net cash prices, but also the lease rates and service contract charges!  What is the look & feel of the quotes? We have been conducting this type of price study since 2004. Both within Europe and further afield.


Car clinics. Driving tests. Dealer assessments. Sales and After-sales market.

Home decoration

Trend-watcher studies. Concept & Product testing. Quantifying campaign results.


For both online and offline suppliers. Feasibility studies. 

Customer profiling. Customer satisfaction surveys.

Website research.


Usage & Attitude studies: branding, image and trend patterns amongst your target groups (often the elusive trends of a young public, which makes the method (or methods) of data collection crucial).

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We team up with reliable partner agencies, among others in:


Conclusive BV - Huizermaatweg 19 - 1273 NA Huizen - Telephone: +31 (0)35 622 3420 - info@conclusive.nl